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Excellent app

Very impressed by the images and interface. My 9 year old loves it! Unfortunately there are some important structures that are not included. For example: the knee meniscus and cruciate ligaments.

Worth to have

As bodyworker and massage therapist very helpful to have.


I am not a doctor but just curious about us humans! I found this application to totally exceed my expectations. If you want to understand the muscular structure of the humand body down to the skeleton, this is a must. And my kids (8 and 13) were totally into it! Enjoy without hesitation. Expensive but all worth it!

Good solid app

It seems very robust in the short time I have been using it. I really like the layout - very clean. I have both a suggestion and a critique however. My suggestion would be to have the capability to see a single muscle on the body, all others being absent. My one complaint would be regarding the side views - the hand is in the way! You need to make the hand disappear, and even the one leg, to be able to see the medial portion of each leg. Still a good solid app, maybe the best I have seen so far.

Very disappointing

I believe I paid $30 for this app and it was not worth it. You cant isolate muscles to see insertion and origin, and veins / arteries and other structures are included but not labelled as far as I can see.

Wont work

Since the most recent update, I cant even open the program without it crashing... Please fix.

Pocket anatomy

Very useful, excellent content, good for surface anatomy as well as gross anatomy. Clinical content is useful, and informative.

Many uses great app!

I am a practicing registered massage therapist and love this app. I love the quiz feature to discover where I need refreshment. Its also great to use in practice to show my patients exactly where some of their problem areas are and its a more interactive way to show them my intentions for treatment. This would be a very helpful tool for students as well. Its the more modern anatomy coloring book. The ability to to easily add or remove different layers of the body to better visualize placement is very helpful. Thank you so much for this app!

Massage therapist

Awesome app really helps my patients when i can show them the muscles i will be working on and how they are related.Easy to use.

Not meeting my needs

This is too general and also poor views of structures. Hard to control or go deep and work through layers. Refund please! I cannot use this for my purposes.

Inhibiting foreground.

Like other users, I feel elements like limbs lateral to the view should become ghosted or invisible to better reveal the intended focus. Also agree that the isolation of a muscle or organ with ghosted surroundings would be highly beneficial. Overall the work done on this project is very user friendly.

A Good medical app

Not that bad.

Highly recommended!

Its easy to use and not too dense with information. Will definitely help with anatomy during medical school - especially the videos and quiz additions.

Useful for Students

Pretty good app. Useful for reviewing systems, easy to use, and the videos are cool.

Its great for students!

This is the best anatomy app that I have come across so far. It has great detail and a high definition anatomy model. Most important structures are labelled, and both common English and scientific Latin names are given where applicable, with audio so that you know how to pronounce those complicated words! Additional notes are given for each structure and it also allows you to add your own personal notes and drawing annotations to a structure and/or bookmark a structure. These notes and bookmarks can be shared by email. I love the layers in the model that can be removed to see internal structures clearly without losing anatomical context. The model has nine layers - skin, 6 muscle/organ layers, ligaments, and skeleton. Both male and female models are available. The controls are very conveniently designed and makes it really easy to change layers and move the model around. The app also comes with 30 free really well made animated videos teaching about biological structures and processes. More videos can be purchased with credits. There is also a neat glossary of all structures and quizzes to test your knowledge. This app is definitely worth it to strengthen your anatomy and human biology skills.

Great app for medical students!

This is a great tool for learning anatomy, especially the ability to visualize things in 3D and zoom through the different layers. Includes helpful descriptions such as the insertions and origins of muscles, and definitions and functions. One thing that could make it easier to use would be to colour the pins different colours for different body components e.g. Bones, muscles, nerves etc.

Good for medical students!

I am a first-year medical student and I find this app very helpful for learning anatomy. I really like how you can toggle through layers of the body instead of seeing just one system at a time. There is tons of information available for each pin, but I wish the text was more visually appealing and in an easier-to-read layout.

Great Anatomy Overview

Just the right amount of detail on the anatomical models, with options for different perspectives and system views, although the ability to rotate the view freely would be welcome for help some of the smaller internal structures. Much cheaper and more portable than an anatomy atlas for ease of reference. Packed with information, but that also makes it a rather large app - make sure you have space! Would recommend for anyone whod like to be able to review anatomy on-the-go.

Great app to learn your anatomy!

First year med student here. I found this app very well designed for med students and anyone looking for a detailed anatomy reference tool. I especially appreciated how intuitive the app is to use and that it contains a ton of useful info under each pin. You can really play with the 3D model, scrolling through the layers with a swipe of your finger. There are many learning tool at your disposal, such as quizzes, customizing pins/notes, and emailing/sharing, all of which I appreciate. All in all, very well designed and highly recommended!

Great tool to learn anatomy

Navigation is intuitive and detail is good. Different filters very useful to see only the relevant systems. Could be even better with more options of filtering (perhaps through a checklist of what to show and what to hide), e.g. Trying to see the anatomy of the heart is difficult in the circulatory system as all the peripheral arteries, veins, and capillaries are in the way.

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